Help choosing RAM

You want to buy RAM to make your laptop, PC, MacBook, or iMac faster. We'll help you on your way with choosing the right RAM that fits your needs and your device. In addition, we'll give you tips about installing new RAM.

Windows laptop

Do you want to expand or replace the RAM module of your Windows laptop? We'll explain what you should pay attention to in order to choose a suitable RAM module.

Windows PC

You want to equip your desktop with a new RAM module. To choose the best RAM module, we'll explain what you should keep in mind.

Apple MacBook and iMac

Your old MacBook or iMac needs a RAM upgrade. We'll explain what you should keep in mind to find the best RAM module for you.

Advice on RAM

Here you can read our advice about RAM. What is RAM exactly and how do you install it into your device? We'll explain that to you in detail.

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