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How do I see which RAM fits in my Windows laptop?

You're going to buy RAM for your Windows laptop. But how do you find the right information about the RAM that supports your laptop? Here we'll explain how you can find the RAM that fits in your laptop.

View the memory in Windows task manager

To find out which type of RAM your laptop supports, open Task Manager. This is fairly easy:

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete simultaneously on your keyboard
  • Go to 'Task manager'
  • Go to the 'Performance' tab at the top of the window
  • Click on 'Memory' on the left

In this window you can see what you should pay attention to when purchasing RAM:

  • At the top right you see the current amount of RAM
  • Here (top right) you'll also find the DDR type. In some cases there's nothing here, in which case your laptop supports DDR4
  • Below the graphs you'll see a list with speed (in MHz), slots used, and the form factor.

The maximum RAM in your laptop

Every laptop supports a maximum amount of RAM, but this is often not included by default. For example, a laptop with a default 8GB of RAM can also have space for, for example, 16GB. If you want to use this, then you can either replace the entire memory for a new RAM module with a higher capacity or you can install an extra RAM module of 8GB if an extra slot is present. The maximum RAM that the laptop can handle cannot be found on the laptop. For this, you'll need to look up more information about the laptop.

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