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Which RAM clock speed do I need?

When buying RAM, you'll come across many different terms. One is clock speed. This determines how fast the RAM processes data. The clock speed of additional RAM must be the same as that of your current RAM. With a new PC, the maximum clock speed is determined by the motherboard.

Expanding the working memory in your computer

Expand RAM memory

Do you want to expand the RAM in your laptop or desktop? Then take the RAM that's currently installed into account. The clock speed of your new RAM must match that of your current RAM exactly to ensure proper cooperation. This is because the modules work together and must therefore run synchronously. If the speed deviates, then that's no longer the case, leading to reduced performance.

How do I check the clock speed of my computer?

Clock speed computer macOS

You can easily check the clock speed of the RAM that's currently installed.

On Mac: Click the Apple logo on the top left. Then navigate to 'about this Mac'. On the next screen you can see the speed of your RAM. That's the number before 'MHz'.

On Windows: Press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time. On the next screen, click on 'Performance' and then on 'Memory'. At the bottom right you'll see the clock speed.

RAM for a new PC

Working memory RAM memory new PC

You get the most out of the RAM in a new PC if you install your RAM with the maximum possible clock speed. This doesn't mean that you simply place the fastest RAM available on your motherboard. The clock speed is limited by your motherboard. Check the specifications of your motherboard for this.

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