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Do I have to buy the same brand of RAM as I have in my desktop now?

Do you want to speed up your desktop computer and do you need to double the RAM of your desktop from 1 or 2 modules to 2 or 4? Make sure that the size of the RAM, the clock speed, and the CAS latency are exactly the same. The brand doesn't matter in this case.

What should I keep in mind when I expand my RAM?

What to keep in mind with RAM memory module

If you're expanding the existing RAM of your computer, you have to make sure that the specifications of your new memory module are an exact match. This means the size, the type of memory, the clock speed, and the CAS latency should be the same. That is because the 2 or 4 RAM modules work together and need to be synchronized. If the specifications of one of the modules differs, they can't synchronize, which leads to a loss of performance.

The same brand and type


If the extra RAM you purchase is the same type as the RAM that is already in your desktop computer, you know for sure that the specifications match. It can be difficult to find the exact same memory module, though. A module from the same brand with the same specifications will ensure that the memory modules work together well, but it won't be noticeably better than internal memory with comparable specifications from another brand.

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