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How much storage capacity do I need in my SSD?

Have you made the choice for an SSD, and do you have doubts about the storage capacity you need? If so, it pays to determine how much GB or TB you think you need. I give you an indication on the basis of multiple usage situations, so you know how much storage capacity you want for your SSD.

For a faster startup of your laptop and desktop

Do you have a desktop or laptop and do you use it for all kinds of different tasks such as surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, making photo albums, or occasionally downloading a movie? Don't you save a lot on your disk and do you use the cloud for streaming YouTube videos, Netflix, and saving photos online? If so, 120GB is suitable for your use. Images and video files take up a lot of space, so if you want to store holiday photos or downloaded movies, choose at least 250GB or 500GB SSDs.

Keep in mind that the operating system of your computer also takes up space. Windows 10 takes about 20GB and macOS about 35GB.

For gaming

Are you a fanatical gamer and would you like to save more than a few games on your PC to play again later? If so, you need an SSD with more than 500GB of storage capacity. Games become increasingly better graphically speaking, so that detailed visual elements take up more and more storage space. In addition, updates such as patches also take up extra space. For example, a graphically rich PC game costs an average of 40GB to 50GB of storage. Some smaller MOBA or other multiplayer games take up 30GB. On an SSD of 500GB, you have room for your operating system and 9 games. Do you want to download more games or also store media, such as a movie and video collection? If so, choose 1TB or more.

For photo and video editing

Whether you're editing photos and videos for your hobby or you're working professionally, an SSD with ample storage capacity makes your workflow a lot easier. This way, you don't only have space for your graphic programs and multiple video editing tools, but especially for your project files and backup footage. The size of files with high DPI values for large format prints or richly detailed web images with a lot of visual elements is increasing considerably. Choose SSDs with a minimum storage capacity of 1TB. Do you use your computer for more than just edit graphic footage? If so, a step up to 2TB ensures you won't run out of space.

For music and audio production

Do you compose or mix audio tracks or make studio recordings with your computer? If so, an SSD with a storage capacity of 500GB is recommended. This gives you plenty of room for your DAW tools, plug-ins, existing projects, and modest file libraries with music samples. Do you like all your work to be close by or do you have large collections of audio files? If so, 500GB might not be enough. Moreover, it leaves little room for other tasks and files. In that case, you should opt for an SSD with a storage capacity of 1TB or higher.

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