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How do you convert a range hood for recirculation?

If you do not have a drain outside, you can convert an extractor hood into a recirculation exhaust hood. To do this, you need accessories. Depending on the type of extractor hood, in most cases these are only carbon filters. For some brands, however, you need a recirculation set. In this article I explain how exactly this is addressed.

Important during conversion

Air exhaust range hood

During range hood conversion, keep in mind the following:

  1. Make sure you have the correct carbon filters or the correct recirculation kit.
  2. Check if the range hood has enough space at the top.

Step 1: check which accessories you need

Wall-mounted range hood

Depending on the type of extraction hood you need carbon filters or a recirculation set. In a recirculation set you will find extra accessories in addition to carbon filters to convert your hood. On the product page of each cooker hood you will find exactly what you need in the specifications. Order the recommended filters or set.

Step 2A: I only need a carbon filter

Carbon filter

Most cooker hoods only need carbon filters. You confirm this for the motor. You simply click on some filters, you fix other filters with a screwdriver. Check the included manual of the filters to see how you install them. This differs per type of extractor and brand. With the carbon filters your cooker hood cleans the cooking vapors. Then the device blows them clean again into the room.

Step 2B: I need a recirculation set

Recirculation kit

Some extractor hoods require a recirculation set. This usually consists of a spacer and 1 or more carbon filters. Place the filters for the engine to filter the vapors. You click or fix with a screwdriver. With the supplied intermediate piece you ensure that the hood does not transport the air, but blows it back into the room in the right way. See how to use the recirculation set in the supplied manual. This differs per type of extractor and brand.

Step 3: pay attention to the model of your cooker hood

Recirculation range hoods

Do you want to place your kitchen hood in a kitchen cupboard? Then it is important to ensure that the hood at the top has enough space to blow the air back. Otherwise, it is not possible to recirculate. Attach a grid on top of your box to ensure that no dirt or dust gets into your hood. Models that are not built in, such as a wall chimney hood, blow the air out through the side.

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