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What is HP Instant Ink?

You probably recognize it. You have designed an invitation with great effort, selected your holiday photos or want to print invoices, but they come out of your printer with stripes, or in faded colors. You no longer have new ink cartridges, and once you have found time to order them, you need to find out the type number of your printer and the cartridges. And where do you leave the old cartridges? HP offers a simple total solution for all these problems: HP Instant Ink.

HP Instant Ink

What is HP Instant Ink?

HP Instant Ink is a plan that you can cancel every month and that allows you to print a fixed amount per month. The cartridges are automatically delivered to your home. Your HP WiFi printer will alert HP if the ink is about to run out. Afterwards, you receive ink suitable for your HP printer. How often you get a new cartridge depends on your chosen print plan. That's why you do not get new ink at a certain period every time, but only once your ink is running out.

Why HP Instant Ink?

  • You don't have to do anything, your printer automatically orders the right cartridges.
  • You save up to 70% on your costs for original HP ink.
  • The plan can be canceled every month.
  • Did you use less ink than you received? Take the ink you have left with you to the next month.
  • Put your old cartridges in the included bag, and HP will recycle them for you free of charge.

How does it work?

Choose a print plan

Choose from one of the four print plans, there is a print plan for every situation.

Receive new ink on time

Your printer will alert HP when your ink is running low. Your new cartridges are then automatically delivered to your home.

You don't have to commit to anything

You can cancel or choose a different print plan every month.

Free trial

Would you rather try out Instant Ink first? Register your printer for the 'free printing program' and you print 15 pages for free every month. Is this ordinarily more than enough for you, and do you just want to print more every once in a while? For € 1, you can print another 10 pages. Starting at 45 pages per month, you'll be printing at lower prices with one of the aforementioned print plans.

Which print plans are available?

There are 4 types of HP Instant Ink print plans for occasional, regular or frequent printing, or to simply try out HP Instant Ink. You get ink cartridges sent at home, but you pay for the amount of pages. This has the advantage that if you have pages left, you take them with you to the next month (except for the free print plan). Do you use more pages? For 1 euro, you get a certain number of extra pages to print.

Average printing

Print for free

  • Print 15 pages per month
  • You can't take pages with you
  • Each series of 10 extra pages costs € 1

Print 50 pages per month

  • Print 50 pages per month
  • You can take max. 50 pages with you per month
  • Each series of 15 extra pages costs € 1

Print 100 pages per month

  • Print 100 pages per month
  • You can take max. 100 pages with you per month
  • Each series of 20 extra pages costs € 1

Above average printing

Print 300 pages per month

  • Print 300 pages per month
  • You can take max.300 pages with you per month
  • Each series of 25 extra pages costs € 1

Print 700 pages per month

  • Print 700 pages per month
  • You can take max. 1400 pages with you per month
  • Each series of 20 extra pages costs € 1

How it works

The right cartridges automatically delivered to your home After registration, HP will send you the Instant Ink cartridges. Because you have registered your printer model, you also receive the right cartridges. This way, you won't accidentally buy the wrong ink and you can always print whenever you want.

Start whenever you want Have you received the cartridges, but do you still want to wait with printing because that thesis or quote isn't finished yet? No problem, your print plan doesn't start until you install the cartridges.

Automatically receive new cartridges, before your ink runs out Your printer sends a signal to HP that your ink is running low via the internet. Afterwards, you get new cartridges according to your chosen printing plan.

Once your ink runs out, install the cartridges immediately. On top of that, you can send the old ones to HP for free in the included bag. This way, they are processed and recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Try HP Instant Ink for free

With the print free plan you can print 15 pages per month for free. You can also try out the paid plans, with which you can print more, free of charge. If your printer is compatible with HP Instant Ink and you register via cobranded.hpinstantink.com/hGdpc, you can print an extra month for free, on top of the number of months you get when you buy your printer.


Do you already have an HP WiFi printer and do you want to sign up for Instant Ink? Go to cobranded.hpinstantink.com/hGdpc to see if your printer is suitable and to register your printer.

Buy an Instant Ink Printer

Don't you have an HP printer with which you use Instant Ink? View all suitable printers here.

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