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How do you register your HP printer for HP Instant Ink?

Some HP printers are suitable for HP Instant Ink. With this service that you can cancel each month, you always receive new ink when you need it. HP automatically sends new cartridges when you're almost out of ink. In this article, we'll explain in 7 steps how you register your printer for Instant Ink.

The step-by-step plan

HP Instant Ink steps

Before you register, don't forget to make your printer ready for use. Keep your credit card or bank details on hand as well, so you can register in no time.

  • Step 1: go to the website.
  • Step 2: find your printer.
  • Step 3: choose the plan you want.
  • Step 4: create an account.
  • Step 5: connect to your printer.
  • Step 6: print the code and enter it.
  • Step 7: register for HP Instant Ink.

Step 1: go to the website

HP Instant Ink website

Go the the HP Instant Ink landing page. It's possible that the website is in English. You can change the language to Dutch at the top of the page. When you scroll further down past the 5 plans, you'll see Check if your printer works with HP Instant Ink. Click on this to check if your printer is suitable for Instant Ink. If this is the case, you can click on Sign up now underneath Have an HP printer?.

Step 2: find your printer

Choose HP printer

A list with all HP printer types appears. Select the right type and then choose the printer series. The image shows you how to select the right printer. You can often find the name of the series on the front of the printer. After you select the series and the right printer, you click on Yes, continue.

Step 3: choose the plan you want

Choose HP Instant Ink plan

HP Instant Ink is available in 5 plans. They vary from free print plans to business print plans. Choose the plan that is the best fit for your printing habits. If it turns out that the plan isn't the right fit after all, you can easily change it every month. Keep in mind that you can't go back to the free try-out plan once you've registered for a paid subscription. You can also purchase additional pages for € 1 every month. How many pages you get depends on the plan. Select the plan that sounds good to you.

Step 4: create an account

Create HP account

In this window, you create an account. Don't forget to check the I'm not a robot box and decide if you want to give HP permission to send you emails. If you already have an HP account, you can click on Already have an HP account at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: connect to your printer

Connect HP printer

Turn on the printer and make sure it's (wirelessly) connected to the internet. You can tell it's connected by the WiFi or Ethernet icon on the display. If the printer won't connect, you can click on How do I connect? for more information. How you connect the printer differs for each printer series.

To connect your printer, go to the internet options via Settings. With the Wizard wireless settings, you select the network name and enter the password. After this process, your printer is connected to the WiFi.

Step 6: print the code and enter it

Print code

When the printer is connected to WiFi, you press the HP ePrint icon and then Print or Print info and follow the instructions. The printer will print the code. If it doesn't print the code, click on My page doesn't contain a code.

Enter the code during the setup process and click Apply. Continue the setup and also fill in things like your address information and how you want to pay for Instant Ink.

Step 7: register for HP Instant Ink

Register for HP Instant Ink

Finally, check if all of the information you filled in is correct. If you have a discount code, you can enter it here. Now, there's only 2 things left to do. Accept the terms and conditions and click on Enroll. You're now registered for Instant Ink and the starter pack will be sent your way as soon as possible.

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