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How do I install my Nest Hello video doorbell?

Congratulations on your purchase of the Nest Hello Video Doorbell. Now that you've received your new smart doorbell, you obviously want to use it right away. The installation is seen as complicated, so we recommend hiring a professional installer. Do you want to try it yourself? On this page you can read step by step how to install your Nest Hello Video Doorbell yourself.

Good to know

What do you need for the installation?

  • Ladder
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • If required: a transformer to convert the voltage of the Nest connector.

Which minimum software and internet speed do you need?

  • Phone or tablet
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • At least iOS 8 or Android 4

WiFi network

  • Broadband internet with at least 2Mbps upload speed per camera

Installing the Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Everything you need to start the installation is included by default.

Install the app

Install the Nest app

Step 1: is this your first Nest product? Then download the free Nest app on your smartphone. Do you already have Nest products? Then add the Nest Hello to the app.

Step 2: scan the QR code on the back of the doorbell via the app on your smartphone. Can't scan it? Then enter the code under the QR code via the app.

Step 3: the app guides you through every step to install the doorbell.

Remove the power

Remove the power from your fuse box

Step 4: Important: switch off the doorbell's power in the fuse box.

Step 5: check whether the power is really off by pressing the doorbell.

Step 6: remove your current receiver (chime) from the wall (without disconnecting the current cables).

Step 7: take a picture of the current cables. This way you can always see how the cables are mounted on your current doorbell.

Install the Nest connector

Install the Nest connector

Step 8: In the meantime, go through the steps in the app.

Step 9: install the included Nest connector. This installation is mandatory. The colors of the cables are important for the installation of the Nest connector. So pay attention to which side each color is attached.

Step 10: Use a screwdriver to unscrew the current cables.

Step 11: Grab the Nest connector and use the current cables. Place each cable in the designated casing of the connector.

Step 12: Place the cable of the Nest connector exactly where the cables of your current doorbell were attached. Don't remember how the cables were attached? Then check the photo you took on your smartphone.

Step 13: are the cables connected? Then find a place to place your Nest connector. Choose a location on the inside or outside of the receiver (chime).

Detach your current doorbell

Detach your current doorbell

Step 14: detach your current doorbell.

Step 15: pull the cables towards you so that they don't accidentally fall into the wall.

Step 16: do you want to place the doorbell at a certain angle? Then use the supplied wedge (mounting plate).

Step 17: mark on the door frame where you want to place the Nest Hello Video Doorbell. Make sure that the hole with the cables is at the bottom of the middle hole of the mounting plate.

Mount the Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Mount the Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Step 18: use the included drill to drill holes in your door frame.

Step 19: place the included plugs in the drill holes and screw the back plate of the doorbell onto the frame.

Step 20: screw the cables (with a screwdriver) to the rear of the doorbell. It doesn't matter on which side you attach which color. Important: the cables must hang down and not up.

Step 21: put the cables back into the cable hole and snap the Nest Hello onto the wall mounting plate. It's important that you hear a click here.

Step 22: To remove or detach the doorbell from the back plate, use the included removal pin.

Test whether the Nest Hello works

Testing Nest Hello

Step 23: turn on the power in the fuse box again.

Step 24: the Nest Hello Video Doorbell switches on and the blue circle around the push button lights up.

Step 25: In the meantime, still follow the steps in the app. It gives you tips when the Nest Hello Video Doorbell doesn't respond as expected.

Step 26: make sure you have your WiFi password nearby so that you can enter it in the app right away when the app asks for it. If you already own other Nest products, the app (and therefore the doorbell) automatically contacts the data that you've entered previously.

Step 27: press the doorbell button to see if the Nest Hello works. When it's properly installed, you'll receive a notification on your smartphone.

Step 28: check the noise level of the receiver indoors in the app. Turn up the volume when you find it too soft.

Prefer not to install yourself?

Coolblue installer

Are you unable to install the doorbell yourself? Or would you rather have it done by a professional? Choose a doorbell including installation. These doorbells are installed at your home by a Coolblue technician, at a time chosen by you. This way, you can be sure that everything works properly. You can select the installation service on the product page.

Note: We only offer the installation service in North Holland, South Holland, Flevoland, Utrecht, North Brabant, Tholen, and most of Gelderland and Dutch Limburg.

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