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Latest Samsung phones

Is your Samsung smartphone ready for a replacement, or are you just curious about the latest Samsung phones? On this page, I'll list the lastest devices from the Galaxy A, S, and Note series.

The latest smartphones per series

Samsung S 2020

Samsung Galaxy S series

In February 2020, Samsung presented the Galaxy S20 series. Compared to the S10 from 2019, Samsung has mainly improved the cameras. Thanks to enhanced techniques, you can take sharper photos with the S20. It's also the first time Samsung has introduced an Ultra version with the S series. The S20 Ultra is a top-class device in terms of cameras. For example, you can zoom in 10 times without loss of quality. In addition, all the S20 phones have a screen that refreshes 120 times per second. This makes gaming and scrolling very smooth.

Samsung Galaxy A new

Samsung Galaxy A series

In January 2020, Samsung launched the Galaxy A51 and the A71. These mid-range phones are the successors to the A50 and the A70. The new phones offers slightly more possibilities in terms of photography. For example, both the A51 and the A71 feature a macro lens. This allows you to take sharp photos of objects, like a flower, from up close. Other than that, it's mainly the changes to the design that stand out. The Samsung A51 and A71 don't have a notch for the selfie camera, for example, but a hole. As a result, the bezels are considerably thinner.

Latest Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note series

Samsung released the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra in August 2020. With a 6.7 and 6.9-inch screen size, these powerful devices are very large. The smartphones also have good cameras. With the Note 20, you can zoom in up to 3 times without losing quality. The Note 20 Ultra allows you to do this up to 5 times. On top of that, the new Note series supports Wireless Samsung DeX. If you connect your smartphone to a screen, mouse, and keyboard wirelessly, you can also use it as a computer.

Samsung smartphones from 2020 and 2019

Samsung smartphones 2020

Samsung smartphones from 2020

In addition to the S20 series, the A51, and the A71, Samsung also released the S10 Lite in 2020. This addition to the S10 series is just as powerful as the other S10 models, but it has a better battery and the camera isn't as good. Another model that catches the eye is the Galaxy Z Flip. This phone has a foldable screen. You can collapse it so that the phone easily fits in your pocket. On top of that, you can fold the screen into a 90-degree angle to make video calls or edit images.

Samsung smartphones 2019

Samsung smartphones from 2019

Not only the introduction of the S10 series and the Note 10 models, but also the new Galaxy A series mainly stood out in 2019. The rule of thumb for this series? The higher the number behind the A, the better the model. The A10 and A20 are starter models. Other than that, Samsung presented a couple of mid-range smartphones, the most popular being the A40, A50, and A70. The Galaxy Fold was the first Samsung smartphone with a foldable screen. When you unfold the screen, it's like you're holding a sort of mini tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

256GB storage capacity | 6.9-inch Quad HD screen | Android 10
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With one of the most powerful processors of the moment and a large 12GB RAM, the Samsung Note 20 Ultra is suitable for the most demanding tasks. The included S Pen is a characteristic feature for the Note series. With this stylus, you can quickly make a note or edit photos and videos accurately. The large 6.9-inch Quad HD screen offers plenty of space for this. You can take beautiful photos with the 3 cameras on the back of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G

128GB storage capacity | 6.7-inch Quad HD screen | Android 10.0
in stock

The S20 Plus has a large 6.7-inch Quad HD screen that refreshes 120 times per second. With the standard, wide-angle, and telephoto lens, you can take sharp photos in every situation. This phone has 12GB RAM and a powerful processor, so you can effortlessly run the most demanding apps and games. The 4500mAh battery easily lasts until the end of the day.

Samsung Galaxy A51

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128GB storage capacity | 6.5-inch Full HD screen | Android 10
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The Samsung Galaxy A51 has good cameras, a decent screen, and a good battery. The battery has a capacity of 4000mAh, so you'll easily get through the day. You can use the 6.5-inch Full HD screen to watch movies and series comfortably. With 4GB RAM and a mid-range processor, the phone is smooth but not suitable for demanding apps and games.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

256GB storage | 7.6-inch XQGA screen | Android 10.0
in stock

You can vertically fold the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2. When opened, the large 7.6-inch screen works like a mini tablet. This is useful when you watch a movie or read the newspaper. The Fold 2 also works as a full-fledged smartphone when closed. The device has a 6.2-inch touchscreen at the front. With a powerful processor and 12GB RAM, the device is suitable for the most demanding tasks. You can take sharp photos with the standard, wide-angle, and telephoto lens.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

256GB storage capacity | 6.7-inch Full HD screen | Android 10
no longer available

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip folds horizontally. The phone is 6.7-inch when it's unfolded, but easily fits in your pocket when you fold it. In contrast to a lot of other foldable phones, the Z Flip has the specifications of a top-class model. The smartphone is very powerful thanks to the Snapdragon 855+ processor and 8GB RAM. On top of that, you can take beautiful photos and charge the device wirelessly.

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