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Advice about laying laminate flooring

You've purchased your highly desired laminate flooring, or you plan to get it soon. Now it's still a matter of laying the laminate down yourself. Is that hard? No, it's not. Should you get started unprepared, just like you do when putting furniture together? That wouldn't be wise. So you start googling: 'how to lay laminate flooring', 'laying laminate flooring requirements', 'laying laminate flooring tips'. Well, that happens to be exactly the information we'll give you here.

1. Preparation and what you need

Requirements for laying laminate flooring

Before you start laying laminate flooring, you should let the laminate get used to the local temperature. That's why you should leave the packs in the space where you'll be laying them down for at least 48 hours. Put the packs on the ground and don't put them against the wall at a slant, because this might warp them. Make sure to get the right tools, too. A saw, hammer, leg set, tape measure, and carpentry pencil are part of the laminate flooring layer's standard equipment. Once the laminate has acclimatized, you'll start installing. Mix slats from the various packs of laminate. This way, if there is a small color difference, you won't notice.

2. Start laying

Cutting laminate to size

Start laying laminate down at an angle. Check on the packaging to see if you should lay the groove toward the wall or away from it. Place wedges or spacers between the wall and slats, because temperature differences in summer and winter will cause the wood to expand or contract a little. Slide the head ends tightly together and click them into place. If you have regular click laminate without a quick click system, use a tapping block and hammer to get the slats to fit together tightly. Cut the last plank in the first row to size and use the remainder for the start of the new row if it's larger than 30 centimeters. If it's shorter, saw a new slat in half and start with that. Slide the long sides together, and here too, make sure they fit together tightly using a hammer and tapping block.

3. Finish

Finish laying laminate

You'll no doubt need to lay down laminate around doorframes or pipes as well. In those cases, indicate the shape on the slat, using a profile mold if needed. In places that are hard to reach, such as under radiators, use a percussion iron. Hook it behind the side you cut off and use a hammer to knock the slat into the right place. You'll need to cut your laminate flooring's last row to size widthwise, and that's pretty much it. Want to distribute your laminate flooring smoothly? Start each odd row with a third of a slat and the even rows with a whole slat. Bear in mind you will lose more laminate while cutting this way. However, it does give you a super smooth laminate floor.

4. Sawing laminate

Sawing machines for sawing laminate

If you're sawing laminate with a hand saw, make sure you turn the good-looking side up. With a radial arm saw, circular saw, jigsaw, or table saw, you should rather saw the planks with the good-looking side down. If you're using a saw blade made for laminate, however, you should saw wit the good-looking side up, since a laminate saw blade as upside-down teeth, which means it splinters downward.

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