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What is a lens hood and why should you choose one?

A lens hood is considered an indispensable camera accessory. Especially at the time of year when it's most often sunny. But what exactly is a lens hood? And what can you do with it? You'll find the answers to these questions in this article.

What is a lens hood?

lens hood meaning

As the name suggests, at lens hood protects your lens against the sun. With a lens hood, your lens is protected against ight from a certain angle. This can be light other than sunlight, for example a lamp. You screw a lens hood onto the lens of your camera manually.

When do I choose a lens hood?

choice of lens hood

With a lens hood, you can prevent lens flare from forming in the image. Lens flare is a kind of internal reflection that forms because lens elements reflect light towards each other. This creates circles, stripes, or a kind of glow in the image. A lens hood helps to counteract this effect. In addition, less light in the lens usually ensures better overall image quality as well. And at the same time, a lens hood protects your camera against bumps.

Which types of lens hoods exist?

types of lens hoods

The first type is the round lens hood. Since a photo is square, this isn't the most effective shape because it lets some light through around the edges. A lens hood with notches works better. The shape ensures that the light doesn't affect the corners of the image either. This lens hood does this without blocking the image. Note: if you your lens hood is too long, you'll get darkened edges in your image.

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