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Advice on mulching

Sometimes you might read that a lawn mower is equipped with a mulch kit of mulch plug. What does that do anyway? What's mulch or mulching exactly? How and when will you use the mulch function? We'll explain it all here.

What's mulching?

Lawn mower mulch plug

Mulch is a layer of organic material to cover the ground on your lawn. The lawn mower produces mulch using the mulch function. The mulch plug blogs the collecting tunnel, which means the shreds of grass will continue flying around the mower deck. A special mower blade ensures the cut grass is shredded. These tiny shreds are blown back into the lawn, and because they are so small, they will fall between the blades of grass. That process is called mulching.

What are the advantages of mulching?

Mowing the lawn

The shredded grass creates a layer of mulch on the soil of your lawn. This layer of mulch protects the roots of the grass against heat and improves humidity. It also means weeds have less room to grow. The shredded grass decays quickly and provides nutrients for the soil and roots of the grass. This will increase the health of your lawn and make it less susceptible to weeds and thatching. Mulching is a way to mow your lawn and fertilize it in a single effort.

What are the downsides of mulching?

Cleaning a mulching lawn mower

You might be wondering if there are any downsides to mulching. The result of mulching might not look as neat as when you collect all the grass, as there will always be some shreds on top the grass. In addition, the tiny shreds will make quite a mess in your mower deck. After using it, you'll have to clean it. In addition, it's not always possible to mulch grass. The function isn't suitable for the wet, high, and wild grasses as found in meadows for instance.

When should you (not) mulch?

Mulch mower

With mulching you maintain your lawn, which means that you have to take care of the grass regularly. You therefore mulch at least once a week and in high season (May-September) even twice a week. You can also get started in autumn, because leaves are shredded. Do not use the mulch function if you have just digged weeds or if the grass is wet. Wet grass sticks to the knife and is therefore not finely shredded nicely.

Which lawn mowers have a mulching function?

You want to mulch with a lawn mower, but not every model has this function. Which lawn mowers are equipped with it, you can find out by checking that box in our lawn mower product filter.

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