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Which pans are suitable for my heat source?

Not every pan is suitable for every heat source. In this article we explain what the differences are between the type of heat sources and what you pay attention to when purchasing the suitable pan.

In short

Cooking technology Which pans are suitable?
Induction Magnetic radiation A pan with a magnetic bottom is suitable.
Ceramic Infrared radiation Every pan is suitable. With used pans, make sure that the bottom is not warped.
Electric Electricity Every pan is suitable.
Gas Open fire Every pan is suitable.
Oven Hot air This depends on the material of the pan.

Induction and ceramic

Pans for induction


Induction works with a magnetic radiation. As soon as you place the pan on the plate, a magnetic field is activated, causing the induction plate to release heat. The cooking zones do not change color when you switch them on. It is important that the bottom of the pan is magnetic, otherwise the hob will not work. It is also useful to keep an eye on the diameter of the pan. When a pan is too large for the cooking surface, the heat does not spread optimally.

Ceramic cooker pans


A ceramic hob uses an infrared radiation. The cooking zones turn red when the hob is on. The bottom of the pan must have the correct thickness and be nice and flat so that the pan makes good contact with the hob. In principle, every pan meets these requirements. But when you switch from gas to ceramic, it is possible that your current pans are slightly warped due to gas cooking.

Gas and electric

Pans for gas stove


Cooking on a gas stove is the most old-fashioned form of cooking. Here you put the pan on an open fire. Every pan is suitable for a gas stove.

Pans for electric cooker


An electric hob works, as the name implies, on the basis of electricity. The seeds slowly heat up when you turn it on. Each pan is suitable for an electric hob.

Oven-proof pans

Oven pans

It can be useful to put your pan in the oven. For example if you want to keep your dish hot for longer. You can also use the pan as a baking dish. Pans with a plastic handle are often not allowed in the oven, or only to a limited number of degrees. Is the temperature too high? Then the handle melts. In some cases it is possible to click the handle off the pan, for example with a saucepan or frying pan. This way the pan also fits in a smaller oven. Keep in mind that a pan becomes very hot as soon as you put it in the oven, so you always use oven gloves when you move it.

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