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How do you set up a second user on your Medisana scale?

Most Medisana scales allow you to create multiple user profiles. With a user profile, you can easily track your readings and review them. In this article, I'll explain how you can add a second user.

Step by step setup

To set up a user profile, you use the buttons "set", ⬆, and ⬇.

  1. Press "set" until the storage location of the profile starts to blink.
  2. Use the arrows to select the available storage location you want to use and press "set" to save.
  3. The symbol for gender will start to blink on the display. In some cases, you can also choose between an active and a non-active lifestyle. This is indicated with a stationary and a running figurine. Select the right gender and press "set" to save.
  4. The pre-programmed age now starts to blink. You can select the right age with the arrows and save with "set".
  5. The pre-programmed length will now appear. Use the arrows to select your length and press "set".


The user profile allows you to make optimal use of the Medisana scales. If your scales also measure your BMI, muscle mass, body water percentage, and bone mass, it's even essential to set up a profile. The scale can only calculate these values if it knows how tall you are. If you have a scale that belongs to the Medisana Connect series, you can also use the Vitadock app.

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