Advice on personal scales

In the past, scales were only used for determining your body weight. Because your total body weight doesn't tell you everything about your physical health, there are more and more scales that also measure your fat percentage, muscle mass, fluid content, or bone mass. Read about things you should keep in mind when buying a personal scale below.

General advice

If you're looking for general information that will help choose a personal scale, we'll help you out. We offer advice on, among other things, the various properties of scales.


The Fitbit Aria is a smart scale that you can connect to your Fitbit activity tracker. Our experts help you use the Fitbit Aria and configuring the accompanying mobile app.


Medisana produces both basic scales as well as scales with extensive body analysis options. You can connect them to your smartphone using an app. Our experts will support you in case of questions about your Medisana scale.


The Polar Balance Scale is a smart scale that exchanges data with your Polar activity tracker. We'll help you in case of questions related to its use.


If you have questions about the use of your Nokia scale or the accompanying app, read our experts' advice here.


Our experts will help you connect your Garming Index scale to the Garming mobile app.

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