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Solve dead pixels on your monitor

If a pixel on your monitor always has the wrong color, then you may be dealing with a dead pixel. With a dead pixel on your screen you can see that one of the pixels gives no light and is therefore always black. In many cases, a pixel constantly radiates the wrong color, for example white or blue. This occurs with LCD and OLED screens, among others. In this article I explain how you can solve a fixed pixel.

Dead or fixed pixel?

Dead pixel monitor
  • A dead pixel is a defect on the screen and you cannot solve it yourself. If a pixel is always black, even if the surrounding pixels have a different color, then unfortunately you have a dead pixel. Take advantage of the warranty on your monitor.
  • If the suspect pixel has a different color than black, then it is a fixed pixel and in some cases you can solve the problem yourself.

Loosen a fixed pixel

Fixed pixel monitor

You can release a stuck pixel by quickly switching between different colors on the screen. There are various tools and websites with which you can do this. I use JScreenFix for this myself. A free website that does exactly what you need, namely the super-fast alternation of different colors around the dead pixel, up to 60 times per second for each pixel. According to the website this works in more than 60 percent of the cases. Using this tool is very simple and definitely worth trying:

  1. Go to JScreenFix.com
  2. Click on 'Launch JScreenFix'
  3. Drag the gray square over the fixed pixel and keep this screen open for at least 10 to 20 minutes.

It is different for every fixed pixel whether this online tool works. If it doesn't help, contact customer service.

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