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How do I become a gaming streamer?

Whether you want to become the next PewdiePie or just share your headshots with your friends: Streaming your gameplay is completely cool. But how do you do that? In this article I explain what you should pay attention to when starting a (live) streaming channel.

1. Create a Twitch or YouTube channel

In the past only the best gamers in the world were known to the general public (Grubby, someone?). Nowadays, anyone with a YouTube or Twitch account can display their virtual arts to the rest of the gaming world. You can actually do this in two ways: by streaming live and / or by maintaining your own gaming channel.

Live stream vs channel videos

Live stream

Live stream

Suitable for beginning streamers

The most accessible form of streaming is the live stream. You are funny or good at the game, or not. Whatever it may be, people can watch with you. You connect your PC or console with your Youtube or Twitch account and people instantly watch live with what you are doing. The images are not recorded unless they use a game capture or special software. That way your friends can easily look with you.

Channel videos

Channel videos

** Suitable for advanced streamers **

In addition to live streams on YouTube, Twitch or Hitbox, streamers often keep a Youtube account. The advantage of this is that you make the videos more attractive by showing people only the funny or exciting moments. So you break 8 hours of livestream recordings in chunks of 15 to 20 minutes. Of course this takes time and you need special software to cut scenes and make effects more beautiful with effects.

2. Get the right stuff at home

The right stuff

What do we need for serious streaming? From Minecraft to Counter Strike or Rest; people watch online gameplay. Most streamers gather their audience by concentrating on one popular game. Create an account on popular streaming sites like youTube or, so you're more likely to reach a larger audience. Okay, to get started seriously we first need a few things. I put it for you at a glance:

Choose a game capture

Choose game capture

Whether you have 1, 2 or 100 viewers without game capture, your killstreak, blooper or topgrap will be lost after your live stream. With a game capture, the images and sound of your game are stored on your hard disk. Do you play on a console? Then a capture card is extra important, because most consoles only have simple streaming or partial functionality.

Play on a powerful PC

Powerful PC

Nothing is more frustrating than a game that falters or just does not look good. Not only for you, but also for your audience. So make sure you have a PC with a powerful video card, enough memory and, last but not least, enough storage space to store the images in high quality. Does the game only falter while you are streaming? Then an upgrade of your video card is the best way to improve performance.

Provide a stable internet connection

Stable internet connection

When the image is displayed grainy or stuttering to the audience, viewers will of course quickly drop out. It is therefore important that you have a fast and stable internet connection. Streaming works best via a wired internet connection because these are often faster and more stable than a WiFi connection. Are you completely in the attic? Then read our tips on how to play the game through a wireless connection.

Find contact with your audience

Contact with the public

People look not only for the game, but also for you. One of the factors that can make a stream or channel successful is interaction with the public. With a clear microphone or gaming headset you ensure that your audience can understand your jokes, curses and tips. Many gamers also use a good webcam, so your viewers can read the emotion, passion and concentration of your face.

Provide fat gaming gear

Gaming gear

As a trendy streamer you obviously do not play with a standard mouse or keyboard. With a gaming keyboard and mouse you give yourself an advantage in games and show your audience that you are not a casual gamer. A gaming chair not only prevents back problems, but also looks impressive. Viewers are often interested in your material and with reviews or unboxing videos you attract more viewers, and perhaps even samples of sponsor brands.

Tips from our YouTubers

Finally, we have asked our streaming coolblue'ers to give you some tips:

  • ** Keep to a schedule: ** whether you live stream or upload videos, make sure that people know exactly where and when they will be your follow digital adventures. This will bring people back and build a regular audience faster.
  • ** Find the interaction: ** many successful streamers talk to their viewers. Make a chat or answer questions via your stream chat or via social media like Twitter.
  • ** Vary your content: ** you can not always be funny, play the same level and get the most beautiful Play of the Game. For example, stream new games, keep a contest or contest and make sure you have a serious video (or not).
  • ** Do not give up: ** at the start you do not of course have full chat rooms, but you only have one a handful of viewers. Do not let yourself be demotivated and do not forget that it's important that people see that you like to stream.

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