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How do you maintain your suitcase?

The average lifetime of a suitcase depends on the quality, between 5 and 10 years. With a little policy and tricks you can extend the life. Do you want to know how? Then read the article below.

Tips for longer fun of your suitcase

  • Never allow the pullers of the zipper to meet at one of the corners of your suitcase. During transport, the corners of your suitcase get the most to endure. Due to increasing pressure on the corners, it is possible that the zipper will tear at that point. Therefore let the pullers of the zipper in the middle come together.
  • Luggage wheels are meant to roll. Dropping your suitcase down "bouncing" a staircase is not good for the wheels. You run the risk that over time the wheels will start to slant or split. Always lift your suitcase up or down.
  • Moving your suitcase over gravel or other rocks is not recommended. The wheels are made for a smooth surface. Again you run the chance that the wheels will split.
  • Avoid lifting your suitcase on the telescopic pull rod. This is not made for this. Use the handle that is meant to make sure that the tie rod does not bend.
  • Do you use your suitcase regularly? Then it is wise to check the screws once a year. If you encounter a screw that is loose, you can tighten it.

Defects that you can solve yourself

You can solve some small defects in your suitcase yourself. It is at least worth trying as this is still faster than sending your suitcase back.

  • The zipper of your suitcase is stuck and does not want to open any more. Do not panic. All you need is something 'greasy' such as labello, a bar of soap or Vaseline. Rub the 'teeth' of the zipper with this and then gently move the zipper from left to right. Then carefully pull the zipper and if it is good you will see that the zipper opens and closes again.
  • There is a dent in your ABS material case. How do you get this dent again? All you need is a hair dryer with 1600 watts of power. Hold the hair dryer for about 15 minutes where the dent is, as soon as the place is warm enough the material will restore itself to its original shape. By the way, do not use a hammer to repair the dent.
  • The hair dryer technique can also be used for dents on your ABS case. Heating the spot will reduce the white line.
  • You remove your suitcase from the baggage claim and you can see that your suitcase is completely under the black stripes. These stripes are easy to remove. A bottle of petrol and an old tea towel do wonders. Pour some petrol on the tea towel and gently rub the stripes, you will see that the stripes disappear like snow in front of the sun. This is not recommended for textile cases. The oil causes stains.
  • The telescopic pull rod no longer slides in and out smoothly. This can be solved by using a drop of oil or Vaseline. First slide the tie rod completely out and then lubricate the lower and middle section of the drawbar with oil or petroleum jelly. Then slide the tie rod in and out a few times so that the oil or petroleum jelly can spread. Be careful with textile cases, the oil can cause stains.

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