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5-year warranty if you buy 4 Bosch build-in appliances

With the purchase of 4 Bosch built-in products, you receive 3 years extra warranty on top of the standard 2-year manufacturer's warranty. In total, your products are insured against damage for 5 years. Nice! Read here whether you're eligible for the extra warranty and what you need to do to activate the warranty.

When am I entitled to a 5-year warranty?

4 Bosch built-in appliances

You're entitled to a 5-year warranty if you purchase 4 or more Bosch built-in appliances from different product groups in one go. You must activate the 5-year warranty on the Bosch website within 3 months of purchase.

In short, you're entitled to a 5-year warranty if:

  • you purchase 4 or more Bosch built-in appliances;
  • they're products from different product groups;
  • you purchase the products in one go;
  • you request your warranty within 3 months of purchase.

How do I activate the 5-year warranty?

Enter your personal details on the Bosch website:

Enter the ZIP code 3012CW at the supplier's details and choose the dealer: Coolblue. Register your 4 appliances based on the type numbers, FD numbers, and serial numbers. This information is on the pictures of your built-in appliances. Once approved by Bosch, you will receive an email with the warranty certificate within a few weeks. Keep the warranty certificate and the purchase receipt in a safe place.

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