Advice on built-in dishwashers

When you're looking for a built-in dishwasher, it's important to keep various things in mind. You'll have to keep in mind where you're going to place it, and to what degree you want to build it into your kitchen. On this page, we'll explain the most important choices, so you can easily find the best built-in dishwasher for you.


Dishwasher with a sound icon

Don't want any noise during washing up? A dishwasher with a noise level of 43 decibels or lower is silent; you can barely hear that the appliance is turned on. Non-silent dishwasher often have a special night cycle with a low noise level, so you can sleep without being interrupted.

Energy consumption

Energy label

Most dishwashers have energy label A++. Want an extra energy-efficient dishwasher? Opt for a model with energy label A+++. The dishwashers in this class mostly have a low noise level and make sure your dishes are extra dry after the cycle.

Extra functions

Cutlery tray

Is a good washing performance or a long lifespan more important to you? Opt for a dishwasher with high-end washing performance or high-end build quality. On top of that, some dishwashers have extra functions that make washing up slightly easier.

Build-in service

Coolbluer next to a dishwasher

Do you have 2 left hands? If so, the build-in service may be a good solution for you. For a fee, we'll unpack the dishwasher, install it in your kitchen, and take your old appliance with us again. This way, you won't have to get started yourself and you can start using your dishwasher that very day.

Build it in yourself


Are you pretty handy yourself and would you like to install your dishwasher yourself? If so, it's nice to know which tools you need and how to build in, remove, and connect your dishwasher. We'd like to help you with our articles so you can install your dishwasher yourself without any problems.


Cleaning a dishwasher

To make sure your dishwasher stays in mint condition, it's important for you to properly maintain the appliance. Do this by regularly cleaning the dishwasher, making sure no food is left in the appliance, and regularly descaling the appliance.


Open dishwasher

There are a couple of things you need to know about your new built-in dishwasher. Your dishwasher always needs salt to function properly. Do you want to prevent those white stripes on your nice glassware? In our articles, we explain what you should keep in mind when using the dishwasher.

My dishwasher doesn't perform properly

Glass of water

Your dishwasher doesn't dry well; food remains are stuck to your dishes, or you keep seeing an error code. Naturally, you want to fix this as soon as possible. You usually don't have to call a technician for this. Some problems can easily be solved so you can do the dishes without any problems again.

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