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Tips to take a symmetrical architecture photo

You often see it: symmetrical architectural photography. You also want to apply this trick yourself. Although you have no idea how. In this article you will find a number of useful tips. This way you will go confidently to make a beautiful symmetrical architectural photo.

Tip 1: Use the grid on your camera

Use grid

It is difficult to determine with the naked eye whether something is completely symmetrical. A handy image grid is built into most digital cameras. You can find this grid on the display of your camera or via the viewfinder. This determines the center of the image very precisely. And the lines help you perfect the symmetry in your image. This way you ensure that exactly the same can be seen on the mirrored points.

Tip 2: leave enough space in the image

Leave space

Do you still find it difficult to determine on the spot whether your image is symmetrical? Do not panic, afterwards you adjust this easily. But then the framework must not be too tight for your photo. If you leave enough space around the building, you have more freedom in post-processing. This way you can straighten the photo or take some edges off without having to cut anything away from the building.

Tip 3: experiment with the perspective

Experimenting with perspective

There is much more symmetry in architecture than you might think at first. It depends very much on what angle you look at the building. Make a round around the building or view the subject from below and decide what you see. What also helps is to view the structure from a distance. This way you can more easily discover which angle is interesting.

Tip 4: look for handy details


Look for the building before you take a picture first to interesting details. These details can help you strengthen the symmetry of the building. For example, think of 2 flags or lampposts at the same distance from the building. Mirror image always ensures the most beautiful form of symmetry. See if there is water in the area. You may see a reflection in a fountain or if necessary a rain puddle that creates a perfect symmetrical picture.

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