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Tips for cleaning a lens

The lens of your camera is very fragile. Small dust particles already cause small damage to the glass. That is why it is important to clean your lens regularly. With the tips below, you learn in what ways you can do this best.

Tip 1: use an air blower

Use an air blower

To get the lens of your camera as clean as possible, first remove all dust particles. If you leave it on, you only spread it further on the glass during further cleaning. In the worst case, this causes irreversible scratches. The best way to do this is by blowing away the dust with an air blower. By squeezing the balloon, you carefully spread air over the lens, blowing the dust away.

Tip 2: purchase a lens pen

Use lens pen

In addition to dust, fingerprints will also appear on your lens. These can sometimes be seen on your photo. You remove the fingerprints the fastest with a lens pen. This is a special pen with which you can clean the lens without causing scratches. At the top of the pen is a dust brush that removes superficial dust particles. With the felt head on the bottom you fight the remaining dust and dirt. The lens pen is an indispensable attribute in every camera bag.

Tip 3: do not use random pieces of fabric

microfiber cloth

You sometimes see people cleaning their camera lens with the tip of a shirt. Do not do this. The fabric of a cotton shirt, for example, contains particles that cause tiny scratches on the glass. If you want to clean the lens with a cloth, do so with a microfiber cloth. Grasp a small piece and fold it flat. Rub this gently in circles over the lens surface. Work slowly turning to the outside from the inside.

Tip 4: prevention is better than cure

Protect your lens with a lens filter

Once your lens is damaged, there is no turning back. That's why you should handle your camera and lens with care. Make sure that you place the lens cap back on the lens immediately after shooting. Most photographers use a UV filter as extra protection. These filters have lost their function with the arrival of the digital camera and only have a protective effect. A lens hood keeps your lens slightly out of the wind, so less dirt comes on it.

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