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What determines the user comfort of robot vacuum cleaners?

Robot vacuum cleaners differ greatly from each other. For example, some robots contain useful extras that make it easier to use. If you buy a robot with basic-class user comfort, then you have little influence on how it operates. A robot with top-class user comfort can be operated via an app or includes area delimitation. This ensures that you have more control over what the robot is doing.

In short

Smart Operate the robot via an app on your mobile, at home or, for example, from the office.
Programmable Set up a cleaning schedule for the rest of the week. On the robot or via the app.
Area demarcation Determine yourself which parts the robot does or does not vacuum.
Remote controlled With a remote control or via the app: this makes it unnecessary to stand next to the robot to operate it.
Collection capacity The dust container is relatively small, but the larger it is the longer the robot maintains its suction power and the less often you have to empty it.

User comfort top class

High-end robot vacuums

You buy top-class robot vacuum cleaners because you want to have a great deal of influence on what and how the robot exactly cleans, preferably via your mobile. A robot vacuum cleaner with user comfort top class has at least 70% of the specifications from the above table. These robots are distinguished by operation via the app and supplied area demarcation. If you want to change settings, you do this with top-class robots even via your mobile from work or on the train.

User comfort middle class

Mid-range robot vacuums

The robot vacuum cleaners with user comfort middle class have at least 50% of the specifications from the above table. For example, these robots are programmable for the week, they are smart when you are on Wi-Fi at home but do not have a demarcation. With a middle-class robot vacuum cleaner you still have a lot of influence on what and how the robot cleans, but you do not do this via your telephone at work.

User comfort base class

Basic robot vacuums

Robot vacuum cleaners with user-friendly base class have less than 50% of the specifications from the above table. These robots are not programmable, you do not control via an app on your phone and do not contain an area delimitation. In contrast, these robot vacuum cleaners are lower in price. Do you think it is especially important that the robot vacuuming and its many extras not important to you, then base class is fine for you.

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