Written by Sanne

What does a UV filter do and how do you use it?

If you read something about lens filters, you probably see the term UV filter pop up often. But what do you need a UV filter for? What are the biggest advantages of this filter? I'll answer those questions in this article. I'll also tell you how to work with a UV filter and what to keep in mind.

How do you work with a UV filter?

How do you work with a UV filter

A UV filter ony works if you're photographing in the mountains. However, most photographers also use the filter for another purpose: protection. By placing a UV filter on the lens of your camera, your lens is protected from drops and scratches. The hardened glass takes the first hit if your camera falls, or it prevents scratches caused by dirt. In this case, a UV filter is a way cheaper option than a whole new front element for your lens.

What to keep in mind?

What to keep in mind

There are some disadvantages to the extra piece of glass on your lens. A bad quality UV filter only causes a bigger blur. It would be a shame if your photos are spoiled because of the UV filter, so make sure to always choose a good-quality one. If you're taking photos with back light or glares, the filter can cause extra lens flare. Make sure to take it off your lens before taking photos in these kind of situations.

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