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What do I need for a smart garden?

Already have a smart home, but you also want to make your garden smarter? You can do this with different types of products. Choose smart outdoor lighting, a robot lawn mower, or a watering system for more convenience, for example. During summer, you can make the entire garden smart by adding a smart barbecue or a smart patio heater.

More convenience in your garden

Smart outdoor lighting

With smart outdoor lighting, your garden is always beautifully lit. You can choose the ideal color for your patio and have the lighting switch on just when the sun goes down, for example. Hang a sensor on your door and let it switch on your smart lights in the garden the moment you go outside. Or switch on your lighting via voice command. The choice is yours. This way, you'll always have the most beautiful mood lighting in your garden.

IP camera

Are you wondering what happens in your garden when you're not at home? A smart IP camera not only ensures you can view footage of your garden day and night. You can also link these cameras to your other smart devices. Have your smart outdoor lights switch on if an unknown person enters your garden, for example. Or turn off the camera when you go outside and switch on the garden lighting yourself.

Smart robot lawn mower

Prefer a freshly cut lawn, but don't want to put in the time or effort to cut the grass yourself? A smart robot lawn mower will do the work for you. Even when you're not at home. You can switch on the robot lawn mower by using an app. Use your IP camera to check whether the smart lawn mower is getting all the corners right. If it's not, you can easily operate the lawn mower via your smartphone.

Make your entire garden smart

Smart irrigation system

You can automate the watering of your garden completely with a smart watering system. The spray computer in these systems measures the water level and automatically determines if spraying is necessary. Use your smartphone to set how long, how often, and when your garden has to be watered. You can prevent it from spraying when you're in the garden, for example. Your plants will always get enough water while you'll stay dry.

Smart barbecue

A smart barbecue that automatically switches on and flips the meat if necessary, doesn't exist yet. The good news is that there are smart accessories for your barbecue that make preparing outdoor dish just a little easier. With a smart meat thermometer, you can use the app to remotely view how long it takes for your meat to be cooked . This way, you'll no longer have to lift the lid of your barbecue.

Smart patio heater

Do you also like to sit outside in the spring and during the fall? A patio heater ensures you don't have to wear a thick coat. You can control a smart patio heater using an app on your smartphone. This way, you can easily set how warm you'd like it to be and you can see at a glance if the smart heater is still heating. You can also operate multiple patio heaters of the same brand using 1 app.

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