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What is AEG ProSense technology in dryers?

If you used to dry a half-full drum, you don't have to worry that the program will take longer than necessary. Each AEG dryer has a ProSense load sensor that adjusts the program duration to the amount of washing. Handy when, for example, you only dry some pants and shirts. This way, the program is completed faster and you save energy. In this article you can read everything about ProSense.

ProSense: also for small laundry

AEG ProSense dryer

All AEG dryers have a ProSense load sensor. Handy when you have a large drum, but it doesn't always get full. Thanks to the ProSense sensor you can dry a small wash with confidence. The drying program does not last longer than necessary, which means that the dryer is ready earlier. By shortening the program, you save time and save energy. Your clothes will be in the drum for a shorter time, which is better for your laundry, your energy bill and the environment.

How does the technology work?

AEG ProSense display

The ProSense load sensor of an AEG dryer automatically measures how much laundry is in the drum. As soon as you press start, the dryer spins around a few times. "Kg" flashes in the display. This disappears as soon as the dryer has finished weighing. You will now see the adjusted program duration and the dryer will start the program.

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