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What is Siemens i-Dos?

A Siemens i-Dos washing machine automatically adds the right amount of detergent and fabric softener. You can use Siemens i-Dos with your own trusted detergent and fabric softener, but you leave the dosing to the washing machine. This way, you always use exactly enough and your clothes look good longer. You can read here what Siemens i-Dos is and how it works.

Siemens i-Dos: clothes look good longer

Siemens i-Dos detergent drawer

Thanks to Siemens i-Dos, your clothes will look good longer. This is because a Siemens i-Dos washing machine has a special sensor. This measures how much laundry is in the drum and how dirty it is. Based on this, the washing machine automatically adds the correct dosage. This way, you always use exactly enough. As a result, your clothes won't fade, but they're still cleaned properly. You also save water and energy, because fewer rinses are needed to rinse away the detergent.

Siemens i-Dos detergent drawer

Siemens i-Dos detergent drawer

With a Siemens i-Dos washing machine, you use your own detergent and fabric softener. You add a large dosage in one go through the flaps in the detergent drawer. You can use a single dosage for up to 20 cycles. This is useful, as you don't have to dose yourself for every cycle. The washing machine measures how much is needed per wash and adds just the right amount. Do you still want to dose manually? In that case, you can use the cutout to the left of the covers.

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