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Which Sonos speaker do I need in which room?

You're planning on buying a Sonos speaker, but you're not sure which speaker is suitable for your home. Sonos has speakers that are suitable for different living spaces. In this article, I explain which Sonos speaker is suitable for which room in the house. This way, you can make the best choice for you.

Sonos One

Sound quality according to customers: Excellent | Integrated voice assistant: Yes | Spotify Connect: Yes
in stock
  • With additional Sonos speakers, you can easily create a surround or multi-room setup.
  • Listen to music from more than 60 streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and Soundcloud.
  • With the touch controls, you can control the music without using your smartphone or tablet.
  • The speakers don't have Bluetooth support.
  • You need Spotify Premium to listen to music from Spotify through the speaker.

Sonos Move

Integrated voice assistant: Yes | Power supply type: Battery, power grid | AirPlay: Yes
in stock
  • Thanks to Bluetooth and the internal battery, you can also use this Sonos speaker outdoors.
  • When you get home, you can connect the Move to your Sonos sound system and stream your music via WiFi.
  • With the integrated Google Assistant, you can control the speaker with voice commands.
  • The Google Assistant only works when you are connected to WiFi.
  • Due to the battery life of 10 hours, it will less long than other wireless speakers.

Sonos Play:5

Coolblue's Choice
Sound quality according to customers: Very good | Spotify Connect: Yes | AirPlay: Yes
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  • The speaker has 6 powerful speakers for clear, room-filling sound.
  • With additional Sonos speakers, you can easily create a surround or multi-room setup.
  • Trueplay tunes the sound of your speaker to the acoustics of your room.
  • The speakers don't have Bluetooth support.
  • You need Spotify Premium to listen to music from Spotify through the speaker.

For a medium-sized and small room: One

Sonos One

The Sonos One speaker is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. These speakers are rather compact, which means they don't take up much space. In addition, they have 2 built-in speakers that create sufficient volume for these spaces. Use 2 One speakers in a medium-sized room for stereo sound and higher volume.

For on the go and at home: Move

Sonos Move

Thanks to both the WiFi and Bluetooth option, you can take your Sonos Move with you wherever you go. At home, you can connect the speaker to your Sonos network, but the Move is also perfect for a barbecue in the park or a day at the beach. The handle on the back makes it easy to pick up and move the speaker. The speaker weighs around 3 kilos, so keep that in mind.

For the bathroom, kitchen, or outside: One or Move

Sonos One

When you place a speaker in the bathroom, kitchen, or garden it's important that this speaker is moisture resistant. In addition, the speaker should not take up too much space. The Move and One speaker are suitable for this space. These speakers are moisture-resistant and have a compact format. In addition, the Move is easy to transport, thanks to the handle. Note: the speakers are moisture-resistant, but not completely waterproof.

For the large room: Play:5

Sonos Play:5

The Sonos Play:5 speaker with 6 built-in speakers is a large, powerful speaker. This makes this speaker suitable for large rooms. When you have a wide room, you can touch the Play:5 horizontally. This is how you create a wide sound image. If you place the speaker vertically, the sound will concentrate on 1 point. This is only recommended if you have multiple speakers in the room.

Multiple speakers in 1 room or 1 speaker in multiple rooms:

Multi-room system

Do you want to connect speakers to a soundbar or to multiple speakers in a large room? All Sonos speakers are suitable for this. The One and Move speakers are the most accessible as a multi-room speaker thanks to their compact size. Place 1 in every room of the house and connect them via the app.

A speaker for every room

Depending on the size of your room and the climate in the room, you can choose a Sonos speaker for your living space. A Play:5 is a suitable speaker for larger rooms. Medium-sized and smaller rooms need a One or Move speaker. Do you want to place speakers in a small or damp room? If so, opt for the One. Do you want to use the multi-room function of Sonos in multiple rooms? This is possible with all speakers. Also keep in mind the size of your rooms.

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