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Looking for your first SONOS speaker? We'll help you make the right choice and we'll explain what you can use this speaker for. Already have a SONOS speaker and want to expand the system? We can also give you advice on that.

Choose your first SONOS speaker

Sonos speaker at home

On this page we tell you which Sonos speaker fits your personal preference or type of room. We also explain what you can do with these speakers. This gives you access to various playback and multi-room options.

Choose an extra SONOS speaker

Sonos speakers with app

You are satisfied with your first Sonos speaker and want to slowly expand the system. How do you proceed? On this page we tell you which is the most suitable addition and how to make an extensive multiroom system.

Help with your Sonos choice

Sonos speakers family

Are you looking for a Sonos speaker and do not know which one to choose? We will give you advice on making a choice for a Sonos speaker in the following articles.

Sonos specialists reviews: soundbars

Sonos stereo speaker in living room

Are not you completely sure about your Sonos business? We are happy to share our user experience about Sonos sound bars.

Sonos specialists reviews: speakers

Sonos specialists reviews

You want to buy a Sonos speaker, but you are not completely sure which one? Then read the specialist reviews of different Sonos products. Our specialists share their user experiences in this.

Help with your Sonos installation

Installing Sonos

Your Sonos speaker is in! Now he has to be installed. We are happy to explain how to install a first Sonos, add a second or connect Sonos equipment to your television.

Sonos with Google Assistant

Sonos streaming music

Nice! You have a Sonos speaker. You can control them via Google Assistant. You can find out how that works and what else you can use it for in our advice articles.

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