Sonos help after purchase

Are you in the middle of the connection process of your Sonos speaker, but you're stuck? Don't worry. On this page, we'll help you connect and set up your speakers. We'll also provide useful tips so you can enjoy your Sonos system to the fullest.


Connect Sonos

Before you can enjoy your Sonos speaker, you first have to connect it and set it up. With these articles, we'll help you with that. We'll also explain how to pair multiple speakers.


Sonos tips

Learn about the extra options the Sonos system has. We explain how to set an alarm or switch off the white light.

Frequently occurring problems

Sonos common problems

Does your Sonos speaker no longer work as you want? This is probably due to your settings. In this case, it is useful to reset the speaker. This way you delete all the settings that you have previously modified.

Connection options

Sonos connection options

Not every Sonos speaker has a connection for analog or digital cables. Keep this in mind if you want to connect a speaker to your TV. In addition to your Playbar or Playbase, only the Connect, Connect: Amp and Sonos Play: 5 have a television connection.

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