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How do I connect my Sonos Arc or Beam?

Sweet, your new Sonos Arc or Beam has arrived. Before you can use your speaker, you have to set it up. Follow the steps in the Sonos Controller app and your speaker will be ready for use.

Connect your Sonos device to the power grid

Sonos power grid

Connect your soundbar to the socket. Use the included power cable.

Open the Sonos app

Sonos App installation

When you've downloaded the app, you can find it among the applications of your smartphone or tablet. Open the app and tap Set up a new Sonos system. Select the standard installation and tap next.

Start up

Launch the Sonos App

During startup, the light of the soundbar comes on.

Note: perhaps you see other colors or no light at all. In case of any doubt, indicate you're unsure about the light in the app. The app tells you how to move on to the next step.

Connect your smartphone or tablet to the network

Connect to Sonos network

Skip this step if you have an Android smartphone or tablet. The Android operating system automatically connects to the Sonos speaker. Close the Sonos Controller app by pressing the home button on your iPhone or iPad. Go to your WiFi settings. In the list of available networks, you can see the name of your Sonos device. Tap this name and return to the Sonos Controller app.

Set up the speaker

Set up the speaker

The app indicates that the soundbar has been found. Tap on Set up this player. Tap Go to accessory setup. Select the home network you want to connect the Sonos device to. Tap next. The configuration is complete and your speaker is connected to your WiFi network.

Prepare for use

Prepare the soundbar

Tap Next twice in a row and tap Set up speakers. Press the Sonos button on the soundbar. Check the manual of the soundbar if you don't know where to find this button.

Connect to the television

Connect the Sonos soundbar to the TV

Use the included HDMI ARC cable to connect the soundbar to the TV. Note: this means you need a TV with an HDMI ARC connector. Connect the soundbar to the TV and tap next in the Sonos app. You can now play a movie or TV series.

Note: there is no sound coming from your soundbar just yet. Tap next. The TV is now successfully connected to your Sonos device.

Adjust TV settings

TV audio settings

Use your TV's remote to go to Settings. Go to Sound settings. Tap External speakers. This ensures that the speakers of your TV are switched off and the sound is sent to your Sonos device.

Add streaming services

Your Sonos device is now successfully connected and you can hear sound coming from your soundbar. To add music services to the Sonos Controller app, you have to register an account. Enter your email address and tap Next. Give the app permission to use your location. Tap Next in the next 2 screens. This way, you give the app permission to store your user data and you complete the setup.

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