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Expert review Sonos Arc

A long-awaited and popular launch is that of the Sonos Arc. The new soundbar from Sonos has been creating buzz for a while. It's not officially the successor to the Sonos Playbar, so there are a number of major differences. The Arc has a completely different design and features Dolby Atmos. I've tested the soundbar and you can read what I think on this page.

Sonos Arc Black

5-channel | HDMI connector | Streams via WiFi
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  • Dolby Atmos sends effects via the ceiling to your listening position, making the sound extra spacious.
  • With the integrated Google Assistant you control the soundbar via voice commands.
  • Trueplay ensures that the sound of your speaker is adjusted to suit the acoustics of your room.
  • The soundbar doesn't have Bluetooth to connect your smartphone to the soundbar.

First impression of the Sonos Arc

First impression Sonos Arc

When the soundbar is delivered to my home, the first thing I see is a massive, long box. While unpacking, I find out that this isn't just for show. With its 6.35 kilograms and a length of almost 115 centimeters, the soundbar is 25 centimeters longer than the Playbar. The design is something new and reminds me of the Sonos Move. The soundbar has rounded corners and is completely black (or white). You'll find the well-known control buttons on top again.

Setup is easy

Setup Sonos Arc

I've already set up many Sonos products and this time the setup doesn't disappoint. In my new Sonos app, I follow the instructions and within 15 minutes my soundbar is connected to the TV. If you have less experience or if this is your first Sonos product, it may take up to 20 to 30 minutes. The nice thing about this product is that you only use 1 cable for power and 1 cable to connect it to your TV. That is all there is to it.

Sound from all sides during a movie or series

Watch series with Sonos Arc

I feel like watching Stranger Things. At the same time, this series is particularly suitable to test the woofers and tweeters of the Arc. The dialogues are clear and I don't miss any details. When chaos breaks out, the thumping bass lets me really experience the sensation. An explosion goes right through me. The Arc should have 5 channels. I'm skeptical at first, but quite impressed when I actually hear whispers behind me.

Stadium experience during a sports match

Watch sports match with Sonos Arc

When I watch a baseball game, it feels like I'm in the stadium. The announcer sounds crisp and clear, but I do get that stadium feeling. It's as if he's talking through a classic microphone. The volume of the Arc can be very high, so you can even watch your favorite game in a large room with all your friends. No one will miss a single detail.

Lifelike sound with a concert

Watch concert with Sonos Arc

With the Rolling Stones tour in South America, I test the sound quality during a concert. Again, it feels like I'm right in the middle of the audience. Cheering sounds come from in front of me and from behind me. The Sonos Arc really lives up to its premise. The band sounds realistic and the details of the bass guitar and the basses of the drum set rumble from the soundbar. The banging and reverberation of the hall is clearly audible, so the concert appears lifelike.

Voice assistant and connectivity

Sonos Arc uses Google Assistant

The Sonos Arc has an integrated voice assistant. This means you can control both the bar and other speakers or smart devices in your home using your voice. Connect multiple speakers to each other via the user-friendly Sonos App and create a home cinema set or multi-room setup, for example. You also use the app to edit the sound reproduction or to listen to the Sonos Radio. This is a special radio service for all Sonos users.

Expand with subwoofer or rear speakers

Sonos Arc expansion

As I mentioned , Sonos indicates that the Arc has 5 channels. According to Sonos, it delivers a surround sound from the soundbar alone. I don't think it's real surround sound, but the sound does seem a lot more spacious. The Sonos Arc certainly provides stereo sound. If you want to be sure of a surround experience, choose 2 rear speakers such as the Sonos One. And if you want to listen to a deeper bass, you can easily expand it with a Sonos Sub.


It's clear that the Sonos Arc is a new powerhouse in the Sonos family. The size and design alone make this an impressive soundbar. Once I plug it in, I'm not disappointed either. Thanks to Dolby Atmos, the 8 woofers, and the 3 tweeters, the sound comes from different sides. I even seem to hear the sound behind me occasionally. The Arc was the well worth the wait and the attractive price.

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