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Which SONOS home cinema speakers should I choose?

With the Sonos Playbar, you can improve the sound of your TV so movie soundtracks sound extra clear and powerful. Depending on your wishes, you can add other speakers to to your home cinema setup. Do you value powerful surround sound, or is clear sound enough for you? On this page, we help you make the right choice.

Start with the Playbar, Playbase or Beam

Start with the PLAYBAR

The Playbar, Playbase, or Beam are the starting point of every Sonos home cinema solution. Place it in front of your TV and listen to a wide sound image with clear vocals and effects. It's easy to set up the soundbar. Connect the soundbar to the socket and plug it into your TV with 1 optical cable or HDMI cable. The Sonos Beam also has Google Assistant integrated. That means you can control the Beam and your other Sonos speakers with your voice.

Add the Sub for extra bass

Add the Sub for extra bass

If you want to listen to firm bass conversations, the Sonos Sub is a logical choice. This subwoofer has 2 opposite drivers that produce powerful bass. You do not only hear the bass, you also feel it. This sounds an exciting action scene, rock concert or game extra compelling. The sturdy housing neutralises vibrating or humming noise. Because you connect the SUB wirelessly to the Sonos system, you can place it in any room in the room. The slim design means you can even place the subwoofer flat under the couch.

Add surround speakers for 5.1 surround

Add surround speakers for 5.1 surround

The Playbar delivers a wide spread of the sound, but with 2 extra surround speakers you really bring a movie soundtrack to life. Because the speakers are behind you, effects seem to come from every corner of the room. During an exciting chase scene it seems like a car is really driving past. The Play: 1 speakers are the most used, but for large rooms you better take a Play: 3 or Play: 5 speaker. You can choose from a surround set with or without Sub. Base your choice on whether you want to listen to a deep bass.


If you are looking for a better sound with your TV, then you have enough on the Playbar. Movie or game fans who are looking for the most realistic possible listening experience need the Sub and Play speakers.

Sonos Beam

Coolblue's Choice
Creating a stereo pair | WiFi, AirPlay | Virtual surround sound
in stock
  • You can use the integrated Google Assistant to control the soundbar with your voice. + The soundbar plays music from your smartphone, laptop, or NAS wirelessly via WiFi.+ Add the soundbar to the Sonos multi-room system and stream music throughout the house.- You can't use Bluetooth to stream sound from your smartphone or laptop to the soundbar.


9-channel | Optical connector | WiFi streaming
no longer available
  • The 9 amplified speakers produce a clear sound.With extra Sonos speakers you can easily create a surround or multiroom setup.+ Listen to music from more than 60 streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and Soundcloud.- The speakers do not have AirPlay or Bluetooth support.- You can not connect the soundbar to your TV with an HDMI cable.

Sonos Playbase

3.0-channel | Total power output unknown | WiFi streaming
no longer available
  • The 10 built-in drivers will allow you to listen to a clear and powerful movie sound. + Add the Playbase to the Sonos multiroom system and stream music throughout the house. + Wi-Fi plays the soundbar the music on your smartphone, laptop or NAS wireless. - The Playbase is not suitable for TVs heavier than 35 kg.- You can not connect the soundbase to your TV with an HDMI cable.- The soundplate does not have AirPlay or Bluetooth support.

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