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Advice on wine fridges

The aging process of wine is a delicate matter. To make your wine rest well, you need a storage environment with the right temperature. With a wine fridge, storing your wine is a lot easier. Which wine fridge do you need to store your wine collection? To answer that question, we'll go through the following steps to end up at the right wine fridge for your wine collection.

1. How many bottles do you want to store?

Wine fridge

Wine fridges come in various shapes and sizes. The choice for a wine fridge depends on the size of your wine collection and the room you have at home. The capacity of wine fridges is expressed in the amount of bottles you can keep inside. Does a wine fridge have room for over 41 bottles? We call this a large wine fridge.

2. Do you want to store both white and red wine?

Wine fridge

The types of wine in your collection are another important thing to keep in mind. Wine fridges can feature multiple temperature zones. If your collection contains both white and red wine, you need multiple temperature zones. That's because red wine needs a higher temperature than white wine. The temperature can be separately configured per zone. This way, you can create the optimal ambient temperature to let both red and white wine rest well. Does your collection consist of either red or white wine? A wine fridge with 1 temperature zone is enough.

3. How do you save energy?

Energy labels

A wine fridge is always on. That's why we recommend keeping energy consumption in mind when you buy one. The following goes for wine fridges: an A energy label is the most energy efficient. With an A wine fridge, you can save up to € 40 on your energy bill each year compared to an old wine fridge.

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