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How do you choose the best coffee beans?

How you choose the best coffee beans is not just about your personal taste, but also about what kind of cup of coffee you put into it. We can not give an unambiguous answer to what the tastiest coffee beans are. There are, however, many differences between coffee beans. Think of the way they are burned, the composition and the way they are grown.

What should you keep in mind?

There are a number of differences between coffee beans. The surf of the bean also determines the taste of your cup of coffee. There is also a difference in taste between the Arabica and Robusto beans. Below you can read exactly how this works. Determine below what you think of tasty coffee beans.

Branding and flavor intensity

dark or lightly roasted coffee beans

The way in which a coffee bean is roasted has an effect on the flavor intensity of the coffee. A light branding ensures a mild taste, without the coffee having a bitter taste. Here you will find fruit notes that give a fresh aftertaste to the coffee. The darker the surf, the more bitters the bean gets and the more intense your cup of coffee tastes.

Arabica vs Robusta

Differences between Arabica and Robusta beans

The most drunk bean is the Arabica bean. This is because this bean contains less caffeine than the Robusta bean. For example, you will more often encounter a 100% Arabica coffee than a 100% Robusta coffee. Robusta is never actually drunk purely, but in a melange. Arabica and Robusta beans are mixed with each other. Often with a blend, the largest part, about 70% to 80%, is Arabica.

Which bean is suitable for an espresso or cappuccino?

Coffee beans for cappuccino

For a regular cup of filter coffee you prefer to use a lightly roasted coffee bean. A dark roasted bean is quickly too bitter for this way of making coffee. You also use a light to mildly roasted coffee bean to brew a tasty espresso. The darker the surf, the more intense and bitter the taste becomes. Do you make a milk specialty, such as a cappuccino or latte macchiato? Then a dark roasted bean is suitable. This provides just a little more flavor and spice.

Good for people and the environment

Fair trade coffee beans

The way in which coffee beans are grown also differs. For example, you have fair trade beans, where coffee farmers get financial support. Or organic beans, where chemical pesticides are not used during cultivation. Rainforest Alliance protects animals and nature in the rainforest. When the beans meet such characteristics, they receive a seal of approval.

The best coffee beans for your fully automatic machine

The best coffee beans for your coffee machine

Robusta beans have a greasy layer on the outside. This has an adverse effect on the operation of the inside of your fully automatic machine. You will therefore have to clean the machine more often. In addition, there is a difference between standard coffee beans from the supermarket and beans from a specialty store. The standard beans are less carefully composed. There may be hard beans in between, which if you are going to grind the coffee beans cause blockages.

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