Advice on coffee machines

Coffee makers are available in various types and sizes. With every type of coffee machine you put another cup of coffee. On this page we help you choose a coffee machine and we give advice on how to use it.

Select coffee machine

Select coffee machine

Are you ready for a new coffee machine, but do not know exactly which one? Then we will explain the differences between the types of coffee systems.

Advice on coffee machines

Advice on a coffee machine

Do you want more advice about a specific type of coffee machine? Then we tell you everything you need to know about the coffee machines that we offer.

Compare coffee machines

Compare coffee machines

Some coffee machines are very similar, but still differ in specifications. Think of the controls and the kind of coffee you put with it. View the differences here.


Coffee machine maintenance

By maintaining your coffee machine well, you extend its lifespan. Here you can read how you maintain your coffee machine.

Build quality

Build quality of a coffee machine

Are you looking for a coffee machine that lasts a long time? Then the way the coffee machine is built is important. Here you can read what you pay attention to in this case.

How much does a cup of coffee cost?

What does a cup of coffee cost

Do not you want to lose too much money on a coffee machine? Then you not only look at the price of the appliance, but also at the price for making a cup of coffee.

How do I foam milk?

How do you froth milk

The quality of milk foam determines the quality of a cappuccino. View the different ways in which you froth milk and find out how to make delicious milk froth.

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