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Pros and cons

According to our dishwasher expert
  • Pros:
    The intensive Pro-Zone and extra spray arm clean your dirtiest dishes, even when the machine is fully loaded.
  • Pros:
    With an A+++ energy label, this dishwasher is very energy efficient.
  • Pros:
    When the washing cycle finishes, the dishwasher opens for a quicker and better drying performance.
  • Con:
    The dishwasher doesn't have a self-clean cycle, so you'll have to clean it manually.

With this energy-efficient AEG FSE63700P, you'll easily save on your energy bill. This A+++ built-in dishwasher contains a hot water supply, which means it doesn't have to heat the water up to 60°C. You can use the TimeSaver function for slightly dirty dishes or a half load. This halves the duration of the cycle and the use of water and energy consumption. That's useful for a quick wash in the middle of the day as well. It doesn't matter which of the 6 cycles you choose, the load sensor adjusts the water usage to the amount of dishes. When the cycle is finished, this dishwasher shuts itself off automatically after 5 minutes. But not before opening its door 10 centimeters, so that the clean dishes can air dry.

To measure is to know

Is this your dishwasher of choice, but you're not sure whether it fits? Read how to choose the right dishwasher in 6 steps.

Included by default

  • Inlet hose
  • Drain hose
  • Installation material (excl. front panel)
  • Manual

Recommended combinations

  • Recommended by the expert

    Complete your kitchen with a built-in fridge.

    AEG FSE63700P + AEG built-in fridge

    • AEG FSE63700P
    € 999,- € 976,80
    5% discount on the accessory
    Delivered tomorrow
  • AEG FSE63700P + Cleaning

    • AEG FSE63700P
    € 567,99 € 566,69
    10% discount on the accessory
    Delivered tomorrow
  • AEG FSE63700P + L-key

    • AEG FSE63700P
    € 574,99 € 573,99
    5% discount on the accessory
    Delivered tomorrow
  • AEG FSE63700P + Wine glass holder

    • AEG FSE63700P
    € 584,90 € 581,91
    10% discount on the accessory
    Delivered tomorrow
  • AEG FSE63700P + Descaler

    • AEG FSE63700P
    € 591,99 € 590,14
    5% discount on the accessory
    Delivered tomorrow



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