Microsoft Surface Pen 4 Blue

Use the Microsoft Surface Pen 3 Blue to navigate and design on your Microsoft Surface device. You can make a wireless connection via Bluetooth. The pen offers various options for designing. When you tilt the tip of the pen, you can create shadows in drawings with the effect of a graphite pencil. Do you want to use a different technique? Select it from the other options in the tip of the pen, such as the fine-point option, with 1 push of a button. The pen has 4,096 pressure points, so you can accurately draw lines with a light touch. Thanks to Real-time inking, you won't experience any glitches while drawing or writing with the pen. To easily erase a line, use the eraser at the end of the pen.

Note: This pen can only be used on Microsoft Surface products.

Included by default

  • AAAA battery (1x)
  • Manual

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Product number
Manufacturer code
2 years
Warranty type
Carry-in warranty

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