Fossil Q Machine Hybrid FTW1166

Fossil Q Machine Hybrid FTW1166

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Current product
Price 175,- 169,99 174,99
Water resistance Waterproof Splash proof Splash proof
Measure Calorie burning, Steps Calorie burning, Distance, Steps Calorie burning, Distance, Sleep, Steps
Compatible with operating system Android, iOS Android, iOS Android, iOS

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Product information

Key specs

Created with Sketch. Battery life according to customers
Created with Sketch. Compatible with operating system
Android, iOS
Created with Sketch. Shows smartphone messages
Created with Sketch. Phone calls via watch possible
Created with Sketch. Water resistance

Pros and cons

According to our smart watch expert
  • Pros:
    The hybrid watch counts all your steps.
  • Pros:
    Connect the hybrid watch to the accompanying app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Pros:
    Take a photograph with your smartphone's camera with 1 push of the button on the side of the watch.
  • Con:
    In order to read a message or check who's calling you, you'll have to take your smartphone out of your pocket.
  • Con:
    It has a shorter battery life than similar watches.
Product Expert smartwatches

The Fossil Q Machine Hybrid FTW1166 is a sturdy hybrid watch. When you link the Machine Hybrid FTW1163 to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the watch vibrates when you receive a notification on your phone. This means you'll never miss an important meeting again. Are you sure you're getting enough exercise? The Q Machine counts all your steps. You can view your progress in the accompanying app. Enjoying your favorite music? You can control all your playlists with the Hybrid FTW1163. This means you don't have to take your smartphone out of your jacket pocket all the time. You can also control the camera on your phone with the Machine Hybrid.

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Fossil Q Machine Hybrid FTW1166

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Staat dit grote horloge goed op mijn pols?
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Created with Sketch. Product number
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Created with Sketch. Warranty
2 years
Created with Sketch. Warranty type
Carry-in warranty

Suitable for user

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Created with Sketch. Gender adults

Screen or watch face

Created with Sketch. Data display
Created with Sketch. Kleur wijzerplaat
Created with Sketch. Second hand
Created with Sketch. Integrated screen

Physical properties

Created with Sketch. Watch case shape
Created with Sketch. Width
45 mm
Created with Sketch. Size watch case
Created with Sketch. Recommended for wrist circumference
17 - 19 cm
Created with Sketch. Depth
12 mm
Created with Sketch. Weight
92 g