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What is a 3D printer?

Do you see the word '3D printer' frequently, but you don't really know exactly what the product type is? You've come to the right place. A lot of things are possible with 3D printers, but the options differ per printer type. We'll discuss 4 topics to give you more information in different areas. The article first presents an instructional video to give you an idea of how a 3D printer works.

Print three-dimensional objects

3D printing

With a 3D printer, you can make three-dimensional objects based on a digital blueprint. 3D printers are available for professionals, for example for medical purposes, and hobbyists. Make your own designs with the included software or download designs that you can print using the 3D printer right away. You can get a 3D printer in 2 versions: one that is ready-to-use, or a 3D printer that you need to assemble.

Various printing options

3D printer resolution

The filament, the printheads, and the print resolution determine what you make with the 3D printer. What kind of material you use depends on the printer model. 3D printers are available with one or 2 printheads. The printheads melt the filament together in layers, so that the object slowly takes shape. With 2 printheads, you can create complex objects because you use 2 colors and 2 types of material. You can make action figures and other toys, for example. The higher the print resolution and the thinner the material, the more detailed the objects will be.

Wireless or wired connection

Use 3D printer

You can connect most 3D printers to a PC or laptop with a USB cable. The connection is necessary so you can create the designs with software and send them to the printer. You can even connect some 3D printers via WiFi so you're also able to use your smartphone and tablet. With an online connection, you can have multiple people use the printer and share the designs easily.

Printing with different types of material

3D printer filament

Like normal printers, 3D printers have their own printing system. It differs per brand how you print and with what kind of material. Some brands use just one type of material to keep the printing quality consistent. Other 3D printers use universal rolls so that you're not limited to one brand. The quality differs per brand, so choose the right filament for your objects.

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