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4 tips to use your immersion blender

Now that you've chosen the right immersion blender, it's time to have a look at how to use it. Of course, you want to be able to enjoy it as long as possible. The lifespan depends on certain properties and on how you use your immersion blender. In this article, we'll walk through a number of tips with you, so you can enjoy your immersion blender for a long time.

Tip 1: use the immersion blender in pulses

Immersion blender mixes pumpkin

An immersion blender is designed to be used in pulses. This means you need to take short breaks during mixing to prevent the motor from overheating. Read here after how many seconds you need to stop mixing for a bit.

Low power (< 600 watts)

  • After 30 seconds with soft ingredients

Average power (601-999 watts)

  • After 45 seconds with soft ingredients
  • After 20 seconds with hard ingredients

High power (> 1000 watts)

  • After 1 minute with soft ingredients
  • After 30 seconds with hard ingredients

High-end blenders (KitchenAid and Bamix)

  • After 1.5 minutes with soft ingredients
  • After 45 seconds with hard ingredients

Tip 2: don't use the immersion blender for too long at a time

Immersion blender with food processor attachment and red cabbage

In addition to mixing in pulses, it's important you don't use your immersion blender for too long at a time. How long you can use the immersion blender until the motor overheats depends on the power. The more power it has, the longer you can mix. Don't expect to be able to use an immersion blender with low power for more than 15 minutes. On the other hand, don't be afraid your powerful immersion blender overheats within 45 minutes, as long as you use it in pulses.

Tip 3: be careful which ingredients you mix

Immersion blender mixes avocado with seed

It's also important you don't blend ingredients the immersion blender isn't suitable for. This is tied up with the power.

  • Low power (< 600 watts): occasionally mix soft ingredients.
  • Average power (601 - 999 watts): regularly mix soft ingredients and hard ingredients occasionally.
  • High power (1000 watts): regularly mix hard and soft ingredients.
  • High-end blenders (Bamix and KitchenAid): mix hard and soft ingredients daily.

Tip 4: clean the immersion blender well

Immersion blender foot under the faucet

The easiest way to clean your immersion blender well is directly after use. Let the immersion blender mix in a measuring cup with some dish soap and warm water. Rinse the immersion blender foot and let it dry. Still have some pieces stuck between the blades? In that case, use a toothbrush to clean these. This allows you to easily reach them and you won't cut yourself on the blades. Note: the motor piece isn't waterproof.

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