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What is the difference between a stand mixer and an immersion blender?

They may both be called 'mixer', a kitchen mixer and a hand blender are really two different kitchen appliances. A kitchen mixer is a heavy powerhouse and usually has a fixed place on your countertop; a hand blender is light and compact and you can easily store it again after each use. Their place in the kitchen also says something about what you can do with both devices. Read on to find out what you use best for a kitchen mixer and a hand blender.

Stand mixer vs immersion blender

Stand mixer Immersion blender
Whisking, kneading, mixing Daily use/Main function For occasional use/Possibly after installing an accessory
Chopping, cutting, grating Regular use/Possibly after installing an accessory Regular use/Possibly after installing an accessory
Mashing For occasional use/Possibly after installing an accessory Daily use/Main function
Thick juices Regular use/Possibly after installing an accessory Not suitable
Thin juices Regular use/Possibly after installing an accessory Not suitable
Making pasta Regular use/Possibly after installing an accessory Not suitable
Prepare meat Regular use/Possibly after installing an accessory Not suitable

Whisk, knead, and mix

Kenwood stand mixer

Kitchen mixer: Undefeated kneading champion

The most important functions of a kitchen mixer are knocking, kneading and mixing. This powerhouse comes standard with a whisk, mixing and dough hook that take over work-intensive kneading, kneading and mixing. So you can quietly clean up the kitchen while your dough is being kneaded.

Braun immersion blender

Hand blender: Handy for thin fittings

You can hold a hand blender during beating and mixing. Or rather 2 hands, if you are going to knead dough. This costs quite a bit of force. A bar mixer is therefore not suitable for large batches of pie or pizza dough.

Chop, cut, and grate

Kitchen mixer: Handy cutting aid

You expand the possibilities of a kitchen mixer very easily with special blender and chopper attachments. You often depend on the robustness of the attachments. Especially with very hard ingredients (nuts or chocolate) or very soft (cheese) the sharpness of the knives is very important.

Hand blender: Handy cutting aid

A bar mixer can also be expanded with all kinds of attachments to enable the chopping, cutting and grating of vegetables. That way you can easily turn it into a cutting or chopping mill. Often the supplied mixing bowls of a hand blender are a bit on the small side, so if you make a salad for more than 4 people, you will have to empty the mixing bowl in between.


Kitchen mixer: Handy for sauce

If you occasionally want to make a sauce or dip, you should use your kitchen mixer. Use the supplied blender attachment. You can make thick sauces directly in the mixing bowl, such as mayonnaise. This must be done in large quantities at the same time, otherwise the ingredients will not be mixed properly.

Stick blender: Puree king

The hand blender is the best kitchen appliance to puree baby food, soup, sauces and dips. This is because you puree local food with it, without changing everything into a liquid mass (unless you want to, of course, you just switch on the turbo mode). So you literally have your preparation in your hand. Because of its compact size, you can puree your soup directly into the pan with a hand blender.

Making juices and turning pasta and minced meat

Kitchen mixer: Handy extras

To make thin juice (with little fruit flesh), use a juicer attachment with your kitchen mixer. In a blender attachment you can make thicker juices, for example a smoothie. You can also install a pasta or meat grinder attachment on a kitchen mixer. This way you can turn fresh pasta or minced meat yourself.

Hand blender: Not suitable

Many different attachments fit on a stick mixer, but unfortunately a juicer, pasta maker and meat grinder are not included.


You use a kitchen mixer for all kinds of different preparations. This powerful kitchen appliance is kneading champion dough, but with the right attachments you also use it as a chopper and even as a pasta maker. In one thing it is just a bit less strong: puree. Sauces can only be made in large quantities at the same time, and for making soup, the blender attachment must be heat-resistant. This is exactly such a moment when you conjure up your stick mixer. This puree king is very suitable for making all kinds of sauces and dips, because you have the preparation very precisely in hand. And especially for soup, because you purée it directly in the pan without having to pour over the warm mass first. Handy!

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