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Chop, cut, and grate with a stand mixer

The most important function of a stand mixer is to knead and mix dough and batter. Did you know that you can also use this powerhouse to chop nuts and chocolate, and to cut and grate vegetables and fruit? Keep reading to find out which accessories you need.

1. For chopping, use the chopper attachment

Grinder with coffee beans

Do you want to chop nuts and chocolate in coarse pieces? Then use the chopper attachment. This accessory with its razor-sharp blades and high power is very suitable for processing hard ingredients. And because this attachment only has a small mixing bowl, it is also very suitable for grinding herbs and spices. You connect it to the high speed drive at the back of your kitchen mixer. You do not need the mixing bowl of your kitchen mixer.

2. Use the food processor attachment for cutting and grating

Food processor attachment with grater and blades

Do you want to grate carrots or cut apples into cubes or slices? Then you use the food processor attachment. You connect this attachment to the low speed drive on the front of your kitchen mixer. Use the mixing bowl of your kitchen mixer to catch the carrot grater or apple slices. The food processor accessory is usually supplied with a set of slicing discs for the desired grating or slicing thickness. Fries lovers pay attention: there are even special chips for cutting fresh fries.

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