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Mince meat with a stand mixer

The meat grinder attachment for your stand mixer helps you make minces meat or sausage of your favorite meat. Read more discover how you use the meat grinder attachment.

1. Turn the minced meat with the meat grinder attachment

Cut the meat into pieces of about 2 centimeters. Tip from the chef: when making semi-minced meat, put the pork and beef in the freezer for half an hour before mixing it much better during grinding. Choose 1 of the grinding discs supplied - the finer the mesh size, the finer the minced meat and attach the disc to the meat grinder attachment. Then fill the top of the attachment with a handful of meat and gently push it. Is a food sheet included? Then you put all the meat directly on this sheet and you do not have to add small bits in between. The ground minced meat that comes out at the bottom is collected with the mixing bowl of your food processor. Add garlic, spices and fresh herbs to taste.

2. Make sausages with the meat grinder attachment

Do you want to make sausages yourself? First make the minced meat as described in step 1. The coarseness depends on the recipe you use, but for sausage you usually use the small or medium grinding disc. Put the minced meat in the refrigerator for at least one hour before you get started. Meanwhile, let the sausage sheets soak for half an hour and rinse them well from the inside and outside under the tap. Then attach the funnel-shaped sausage maker to the meat grinder and slide the sausage piece all the way over the funnel, so that the end remains free. Grab a handful of minced meat and grind it very slowly through the meat grinder, until the minced meat comes out of the funnel just a little bit. Then slide the sheet back a bit, over the mince, and put a button in it. Now you are going to fill the sausage. Support it with one hand and place a small amount of minced meat in the meat grinder with your other hand. Ready? Then put a button again. Finally, pierce small holes in the sausage, air may escape during baking. Enjoy your meal!

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