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Whisk, knead, and mix with a stand mixer

Whisking, kneading, and mixing are the most important functions of a stand mixer. This powerhouse comes with 3 attachments for whisking egg whites for a meringue, kneading thick pizza or pie dough, and for mixing all types of thin or thick batter.

1. Use the balloon pad for tapping

Balloon whisk

For the whipping of airy mixtures, use the ballongarde. This attachment is air in cream or proteins thanks to its balloon shape. This makes it easy to make whipped cream or meringue. You also use it for thin batter, for example for biscuit.

2. Use the kneading hook for kneading

Dough hook

Do you want to knead bread, pizza or cake dough? For heavy, thick (yeast) dough, use the kneading hook. The spiral shape prevents the dough from "creeping up" in the kneading hook during kneading. This attachment is also usually provided with a coating that prevents the mixture from sticking. When all the ingredients are mixed, you only have to knead a ball of dough yourself.

3. Use the knocker for mixing

Flat mixing hook

The whisk is very suitable for mixing an even, lump-free batter. This attachment, which is also called 'flat mixing hook', is used for example for thin cake or pancake batter. But also for cheesecake or pie filling you use the knockout.

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