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Advice on lenses for architectural and landscape photography

Whether it is an urban or natural landscape, to get the subject in the picture you need a large angle of view. A wide-angle lens has a focal length between 10 and 35 mm. The smaller the focal point, the wider the angle of view. A lens with a focal length of 15 mm has an angle of view of 111 degrees. For comparison, the human eye has an angle of view of about 45 degrees.

Wide-angle lenses

Wide-angle lenses have a wide angle of view

A wide-angle lens has a wide angle of view, allowing you to capture large buildings and wide landscapes in one photo. The disadvantage of the large angle of view is the distortion that occurs when you tilt the lens up or down. The lines of buildings and trees then slant or they seem to fall on top of you. You can correct this distortion in an image editing program. A part of your photo is lost because you have to cut the image.

Tilt-shift lenses

Tilt-shift lenses correct perspective lines

To correct skewed perspective lines in advance, use a tilt-shift lens. You can move this lens in relation to the image sensor. By tilting or shifting the lens you raise the distortion. Tilt-shift lenses have a large image circle and are therefore sharper than normal lenses with the same focal point.

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