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How to avoid razor burn?

Some have it all the time, others hardly ever: irritated skin after shaving. It's not so strange, actually. When you shave your beard, you pull hairs from your skin and shave them. This is irritating for your skin. Still, you can prevent razor burn for the most part.

1. Use clean materials

Rinsing a Braun electric shaver

Using clean materials is most important. When your shaver head is dirty, it won't shave properly. Secondly, you also make your skin dirty, since your old shaver head is full of old skin flakes and bacteria. This causes red spots, razor burn, and pimples after shaving.

2. Trim your beard

Using a Philips beard trimmer to trim

Always check how long your beard is before you start shaving. We recommend you trim your beard beforehand. Shaving your long beard hair with an electric shaver may hurt or cause skin irritation. Don't have a trimmer? It also helps to carefully shorten your beard with small scissors.

3. Wash your face

Wash your face before you shave

Wash your face with warm water before you start shaving. This will open your pores and bring your beard hairs forward. The warm water also softens them. The softer the beard hairs are, the easier they are to shave. Moreover, the water provides your skin with a first protective layer.

4. Don't press too hard

Don't press the electric shaver on your skin too hard

Make sure you never put too much pressure on your skin. Electric shavers often have a flexible head that follows the contours of your face and jawline. It's never necessary to press your skin too hard. You should also never shave for too long in the same spot. This causes skin damage.

5. Take care of your skin afterwards

Take care of your skin after shaving

Don't ignore your skin once you're done shaving. The post-shave treatment is just as important as shaving itself. You can pull out ingrown hairs and wipe your face with a cold towel, so your pores will close and your skin will calm down. Afterwards, aftershave or day cream without alcohol are good ways to hydrate your skin and reduce the chances of irritation.

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