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How do you shave sensitive skin?

Your skin is sensitive when it reacts more intensely than normal on external influences, such as the cold, sun, or wind. Skin that's exposed to this will feel rough and dry. After some time, this will result in a painful, burning sensation, and it will cause itching, a rash, or abrasions. Does this sound familiar to you? Be careful when you're shaving yourself.

1. Preparations

Wash your face before you shave

Take your time and prepare sensitive skin well. You do this by washing the skin with warm water and nourishing the skin with a scrub cream. Sensitive skin doesn't tolerate every beauty product. Avoid products that contain alcohol, and use products without perfume and parabens. Check whether your electric shaver is cleaned properly and whether the shaver head is in a good condition.

2. Always shave wet

Wet shave with a Philips electric shaver

Always opt for wet shaving. Warm water in combination with paraben free shaving foam or gel makes beard hairs softer. This way, they are easier to shave and you won't hurt your skin as much. Electric shavers for in the shower are perfect for sensitive skin.

3. Adjust your shaving technique

The Philips Series 9000 is equipped with multiple shaving modes

Shave using smooth and light movements. Don't put too much pressure on the skin, but let the electric shaver do the job instead. Apart from that, try to shave in the direction of the hair growth, especially when you have heavy beard growth. Does your electric shaver have multiple shaving modes? Opt for the lightest setting.

4. Post-shave treatment

Post-shave treatment of the skin

Wash your skin with cold water once you're done shaving. Cold water closes your pores and calms your skin. Then, use a towel to dry your skin. Make sure not to rub, but carefully rub your skin until it's dry. Finally, help restoring and calming your skin with a hydrating aftershave or cream.

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