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The best gifts for a gamer

Christmas, a birthday, or just because. Finding a present for a gamer really isn't that hard. With the right gaming accessories, you can put a smile on any gamer's face and they'll be happy with their new gadget for some time.

A new game

FIFA 19 in action

From the annual FIFA release to Call of Duty to the highly anticipated release of a game like Red Dead Redemption 2. There is always something new to play for gamers. Especially during the holidays, you'll find quite a few highly anticipated titles on our virtual shelves. This makes holiday shopping much easier.

A new gaming headset

A gaming headset for online communication

Does your favorite gamer still play audio through speakers? With a gaming headset, this won't bother you again. A gaming headset also makes gaming together easier, because you can use the integrated microphone to communicate with other players. Not sure which platform this gamer uses? Fortunately, most gaming headsets are suitable for multiple platforms.

A racing wheel

Racing is easier with a racing wheel

Racing games look very realistic nowadays. So racing with a controller or keyboard is actually no longer of our time. With a racing wheel, you have a realistic steering wheel and pedal set, so it feels like you're inside a real car. Your favorite gamer will fly over the virtual tarmac with this. And maybe you'll even save on driving lessons.

A better controller

The feel of a new controller

If you buy a new console, a controller is always included by default. But if you have an avid gamer on the couch, you'll definitely make him happy with a better controller. A better controller has a nice look and/or more buttons, which makes playing games at a higher difficulty much easier. A nice to have for sure.

A VR headset

VR headset gaming

Gaming with a VR headset might just be the future. Nothing appeals to the imagination as Virtual Reality. As soon as you put on the headset, it's like you wake up in an alternate digital reality. You can also watch series and movies or use the headset to design a virtual world.

A new gaming mouse

Game with a mouse

Games are constantly modernized and many new and popular games come with a lot of functions. You can shoot in a game like Fortnite and choose from different weapons, but you can also build an entire castle, for example. It can then be useful if you have some extra buttons under your thumb and you can set up macros for those buttons. A gaming mouse with programmable thumb buttons and an adjustable sensor make all the difference between winning or losing.

A new gaming keyboard

Use a gaming keyboard

Fancy RGB lighting or even faster mechanical switches? Gaming keyboards come in all shapes and sizes. There are keyboards with additional macro keys. You can program these keys and give them in-game functions. You can also set up the RGB lighting with your voice and tune the pattern to the rest of your setup with the software. There are also tournament editions of various keyboards. They don't have a number pad, so they're smaller and you can easily take them with you in a bag to a LAN party.

A new console

The Xbox One X for 4K gaming

Does your resident gamer still play on an older console like the Xbox 360 or the PS3? In that case, you'll blow them away with a PlayStation 4 Pro with 4K and HDR support. Games look amazing on this console and you can also use apps such as Netflix and watch movies via the integrated Blu-Ray player. You can get started right out of the box, because it comes with a controller.

A gaming chair

Gamig chair sit ergonomically

As a gamer, you spend a lot of time in your chair at the screen. So it's nice if you can sit ergonomically as well as comfortably. With a gaming chair, your sitting posture is ergonomic and you prevent back and neck aches. This makes a gaming chair an investment for your health.

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